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Chef Certifications

So, I thought of going through the chef certification program and achieve these certifications myself. I need to prepare for them. I Started with “basic fluency badge”  certification and achieved the same on 5th Jan 2019. Aha good way to enter 2019.  Achieving first level certification is much simpler, you would get some objective questions […]


IAM IAM(Identity access management is the service where you manage uses groups and access policies for your AWS account.You can manage Users Groups Roles IAM Access Policies API keys Specify a password policy as well as manage MFA requirement on per user basis. By default, any IAM user created do not have any access. We […]

Chef Architecture

Before you start working with chef, it’s important to understand the chef architecture so that you can have some idea about the workflow that we will be following during chef learning path. At top level view, chef setup can be divided into three main components as shown in below image. Chef workstation: Chef workstation is […]

Continuous deployment,micro-services and containers-three champ

At first continuous integration, microservices and containers seem to be isolated topics. Also with DevOps implementation, it’s also not a hard fast rule that CI is only possible if you use microservices or to run micro-services you need to implement container technology. All things can work independently. But in case if you bring these three […]