Chef Certifications

So, I thought of going through the chef certification program and achieve these certifications myself. I need to prepare for them. I Started with “basic fluency badge”  certification and achieved the same on 5th Jan 2019. Aha good way to enter 2019.  Achieving first level certification is much simpler, you would get some objective questions to answer. Some of these questions are straightforward and for some, you need to execute a couple of commands to get an answer from the chef server and then select the correct option from options provide to you. My exam started at  10 AM IST and I managed to finish the same in 50 min. There will be one examiner online who will validate your identity before the exam, inspect your room before the exam and will monitor you during the exam. You can not talk or look anywhere other than your screen. I once put my hands on my mouth during the exam, examiner quickly pointed out and asked me to remove my hands from my face. Anyways after the exam, they say that you will get results in 2-3 days but they deliver the result in 2-3 hours.

Now its 2nd badge that I have to earn and its ‘local cookbook development badge’ i thought to provide all the information that I gather during preparation over here, so that all community members may also get benefit from the same. I  have studied required topics from chef documentation and chef rally, Now will be going through certification syllabus and will be writing here whatever I learn on each index item. So let’s go.

Day 1
Topics to cover:

Candidates should understand

  1. The pros and cons of a single repository per cookbook
  2. The pros and cons of an application repository
  3. How the Chef workflow supports monolithic vs single cookbooks
  4. How to create a repository/workspace on the workstation

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