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Auto-mount EBS using terraform

Attaching an EBS volume using terraform is straight forward but when instance is started , you find out that your attached volume is not shown even though its attached. Terraform code from my file to attach an EBS volume

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Auto-scaling and load balancing

Let’s work on configuring a  highly available and fault tolerant web application. Before we can begin the same let’s try to understand the components in achieving the same. Elastic Load Balancer: ELB is the  EC2  service which automatically distributes the incoming traffic to all the instances associated with the ELB. Elastic load balancer shall be […]

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IAM IAM(Identity access management is the service where you manage uses groups and access policies for your AWS account.You can manage Users Groups Roles IAM Access Policies API keys Specify a password policy as well as manage MFA requirement on per user basis. By default, any IAM user created do not have any access. We […]

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