Chef Learning Path

Welcome to the chef learning path, if you have landed on this page, then I can assume that you are already motivated to learn chef orchestration tool. The best way to learn such type of tools is to assume that you are going to take the certification exam and make your learning schedule accordingly. At this point in time, I am also preparing for the chef certification and this series will also serve as a reference guide to me in case I want to revise something.

Let’s explore  various certification paths.
There are badge based chef certification programs. Various badges that you can attain are

  1. Basic chef fluency badge.
  2. Local  cookbook development badge
  3. Extending chef badge
  4. Deploying cookbooks

Our goal during this Learning series is to get  Chef developer certificate. To attain the same we must get badge1,badge2 and one among badge3 and badge4.

Hope you are also excited to go through the same. Let’s hit the track and work on Basic chef Fluency Badge
Basic chef Fluency Badge(Topics to cover, topics which do not have hyperlinks, are yet to be studied. )

  1. Chef Architecture
  2. Installation and setup
  3. Chef Certifications
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