Jenkins pipeline learning path


Most of us are already familiar with Jenkins and use it on a daily basis when working with builds in our CI environment. With the onset of Jenkins 2.0 a very powerful feature, Jenkins Pipeline was added.Not sure it might be available in prior releases as an additional plugin but with the onset of 2.0, it was integrated to the Jenkins core and has robust support now.

I have noticed that most of the DevOps folks work very comfortably with Jenkins but when it comes to using  Jenkins pipeline, many just choose to step back, the reason may be, it involves some level of coding but with little practice, you can master the same.

Using Jenkins pipeline you can define an entire application lifecycle as a code.You end up creating a Jenkinsfile and store the same along with the codebase or write pipeline code in the job itself or whatever practice you wish to follow.

If you are not familiar with the Jenkins pipeline, have a look  at this plugin and you will start loving the same instantaneously

Jenkins pipeline code can be written in two ways

  • Using Groovy scripting
  • Using declarative language.

Throughout the learning series, we will try to go through the same, learn basics and build up a solid foundation on the same. So lets hit the track and start the same.Our learning path.

  1. Understanding what pipeline is
  2. Understanding basic pipeline terms
  3. Working with scripting pipeline
  4. Working with declarative pipeline and many more…
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